Retz Funeral Home
Retz Funeral Home

4 Locations to serve your family

Locations in Sheffield, Greene, Thornton and Marble Rock, Iowa. We work closely with churches, cemeteries and community groups in all of these communities to assist you with remembering your loved one in the manner that is right for you.

Spacious chapels will accomodate visitations, services and other events for your family surrounding a time of transition.

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Retz Funeral Home
P.O. Box 580
Sheffield, Iowa 50475

Phone: 641 892-4241



Phone in Greene:

641 823-4457

I Stand With LT. Col. Stuart Scheller in calling for accountability for our military leaders

Suicide rates for Emergency Responders in the United States is ten times higher than in the general population.

Please support your local Emergency Personel and if you have questions please call The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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